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Route Map/ Tour Description

People often ask us, "Where do you go"?

Capt. Dan and Capt. Ray created this unique route from scratch back in 2006, and it really does go everywhere. Since 2009 we've been keeping a map on the boat as a reference for the spatially oriented.

Captain Dan's Tours Chincoteague Island, VA Boat Tour | Pony Tour | Wildlife | Horses | Sightseeing

The wild ponies are a mane attraction on all our trips. We see and talk about them on every tour. Our "Around the Island Tour" we searches over 8 miles of pony coastline, in both the southern and northern herd areas. 

Our "Afternoon Pony Tour" takes no specific route, but manages our time so that we focus on finding and watching ponies. Any tour can be a "Pony Tour" if that's what everybody on the boat wants to see, just tell you captain your interests at the start of the trip.


Public Tours: Mixed groups, onboard our 16 passenger boat

Public tours take our "Around the Island Tour"  route (red, white and blue lines) We plan to start at #1 and work our way around the island counter-clockwise. We travel 25 miles as we circumnavigate Chincoteague, viewing over 18 miles of Assateague coastline. This trip has a 50% chance of seeing dolphin, and a 90% chance of seeing ponies. We search 3 miles of the "southern pony herd" coastline, and over 4 miles of the "northern pony herd" coastline. We pass the Assateague Lighthouse, and keep an eye out for interesting birds, including bald eagles, osprey, herons, and more.

Afternoon Pony Tour: We call our afternoon public tour, the "Afternoon Pony Tour". On this trip we will be focusing on ponies exclusively. Our plan is to get the best possible view of ponies, by searching where we think we will have our best luck. Sometimes this trip runs the regular "Around the Island Tour" route, sometimes we go from #1 to #12 and stay in the "northern herd area", sometimes we go around the island, and up into the yellow. If we run every line on the map, that's close to 40 miles, so we may move more quickly, and bypass some attractions.

**Almost everybody wants to see the ponies, and we see and talk about them on every trip. If your focus is ponies, just let the captain know at the start of the trip. Any trip can focus on ponies, if everybody is in agreement on the boat.

Semi-Private Tours: Mixed groups, onboard our 6 passenger boat

"Semi-Private Tours" intend to take our "Around the Island Tour" route, but with only 6 people onboard, we are able to ask what guests are interested in, and try to focus on specific requests. Dolphin can be seen anywhere on our route, but are a little more common near the inlet down south. Ponies sometimes offer better views in the northern herd area, up north. It's all about time management, and catering to guests requests.

Private Tours: Just your group, on either our 6 or 16 passenger boat

On private tours, we can focus on whatever you want. We are only limited by the time of our trip. We have some guests who just want to see ponies, or maybe just want to see dolphin. With a private tour, we can manage our time to search for what you exclusively.

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