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Booking Tips

1. If you are unable to find the trip you want in the booking app, that's because it's not available. For the pony swim, return swim, and round up trips, we have a large group with standing reservations. If something becomes available for those events, it's last minute, and we will post it on our FB page. If you think it's an error within our booking app, shoot us an email and we can check it from the back end.

2. Book for the largest group possible. It's easy to reduce the number of people in your booking (at least 24 hours in a advance). But to add someone, it's likely we will book up.

3. Inclement wx can cause us to cancel trips. When booking far in advance, consider booking a back-up date too. Just be sure to cancel the back up 24 hours in advance to avoid getting charged for it. 

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