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We have no physical office. Reservations are made online, payment is accepted on the boat at the end of a successful trip.

We are located in downtown Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

1.5 hours from Ocean City, MD

2.5 hours from Virginia Beach, VA

Parking is available behind "Baxter Insurance Group". Turn down the gravel lane between Baxter Insurance Group, and Pig Papa SUP, and park in the grass, underneath the "Captain Dan's" banner hung on the fence behind the insurance building.

4161 Main Street | Chincoteague, VA 23336

Walk out to the water, behind the blue cinder-block building. You should see a few signs directing you to "Capt. Dan's Dock". There is an aluminum gangway and a series of floating docks. Please wait at the head of the gangway, the captain will greet you when he is ready. Please try to arrive 10-15  minutes before departure.

We share the lane with the fish dock, Big Papa SUP, and a couple of commercial fishing boats. Please try not to block the lane, and yield to tractor trailers heading to and from the fishing dock.

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